How to replace the light seals on your analogue camera

The light seals on older film cameras have a tendency to deteriorate over time. This results in light leaks that will burn your film. Sure, it can create a cool Lomographic effect, but if it gets bad enough you can permanently ruin your precious shots. Here is a quick guide on how to avoid that with a simple fix that will make your classic camera light tight for many years to come.

The Car Cemetery in Båstnäs

The Car Cemetery in Båstnäs is a remarkable place for many reasons. Two brothers: Rune and Tore Ivansson started this scrap yard business a long time ago. You can tell by the hundreds of cars scattered all over the place dating back from the 1930’s to the 70s. Rune, aged 76, unfortunately passed away in 2014, but the scrap yard still lives on under the supervision and management of Tore. Nowadays it is less of a scrap yard and more of an attraction, but the owner doesn’t seem to mind, as there are no fences, restrictions or signs obeying curious visitors …

Olympus XA – The Clam

The Olympus XA is a camera designed by the late legend Mr.Yoshihisa Maitani, whom was also responsible for the Olympus PEN and the OM-series. The rumor has it that the XA started off as a personal project for Mr. Maitani, as a direct call to action due to the despair he felt when he missed out on a photo opportunity of a lifetime, because he wasn’t carrying a camera at that critical time. As a result, he designed a minimally sized camera with a clever clamshell design and fast Zuiko f 2.8 lens. This one he could always carry with him …

Konica C35 – The Catalyst

Many claim that this camera started a massive trend with identically designed rangefinders that came soon after the C35 had entered the market. Coincidentally this was also the first camera that got me really interested in analogue photography, and it is therefore suitable that my first blog post is dedicated to it.