The Goldsmith

  A couple of months ago Halmstad hosted the World Table Tennis Championships and I was asked to make a portrait of one of the people behind the championship.

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Quite coincidentally I recently did a quick job for Hello! in Halmstad. The images will be used to help this awesome café/ice cream bar to get some well deserved recognition at Soolnua’s #worldicecreamindex. You can cast your vote here. My favourite is their Mango Gelato.

2017 – The year to dig up your old analogue camera

With year 2016 in the back I can happily conclude that to my knowledge at least six analogue films were released or resurrected. Even Hollywood did some amazing blockbuster films that were shot on analogue film – The Academy Award winning The Revenant and The Hateful Eight, being some of them. 2017 has to this date already presented us with 4 new films for 35 mm cameras: 

To be featured by @BeautifulDestinations

A while a go, one of my pictures from Lofoten made its way to the limelight thanks to the massive Instagram account Beautiful Destinations, making it my most liked picture on Instagram to date, pushing this one down a peg. The account is known as the largest and most influential travel photography account on Instagram with 8.3 million followers and growing. The story on how my picture ended up in their feed is the epiphany of serendipity and proves that there is no definite way to go about to get you images published by them. Well, here is what happened in my case.

Rollei 35 One Roll Review

When I asked my father what he considered being the best compact analogue camera ever made, he suggested the Rollei 35 and Minox 35. In his spiel he put a lot of emphasis on compact and lens sharpness. After a quick search on the web I could see that he was probably on to something, as the reviews of both cameras were almost unanimously positive and I therefore figured I should give at least one of them a try at some point.

Featured by The Guardian

A remarkable thing happened this morning. I was reading the news and stumbled upon an article by The Guardian, sponsored by VisitSweden, so it was probably more like an advert than an article, but anyways. The headline said: “10 totally Swedish Lapland places to stay – in pictures” and as I have lived in the area, I of course had to see what places I would recognize. Not surprisingly all of them were very familiar, but what stood out to me the most was a picture from Reindeer Lodge that I had taken myself a couple of years ago! It was a pretty interesting experience …

The story behind my most liked picture on Instagram

This picture of a Reindeer Trainer with his son, crossing a creek by sled in a winter wonderland, is my most liked picture on Instagram to date. It has been featured and reposted by a dozen of accounts; big and small. Some of the major features include Afar Media, Visit Sweden and Matador Network. Collectively, this image has gained around 15 000 likes, which is large by my current standards, as I am fairly new to Instagram. So how did this likable picture happen? Here is my story:

Burano: the brightly colored and less crowded part of the Venetian Lagoon

Only 45 minutes by boat from Venice is the picturesque and somewhat hidden gem Burano. It is an archipelago (just like Venice), consisting of four separate islands and is connected by bridges. What makes this place unique is that is absolutely cluttered with colorful houses. It could possibly be mistaken for a giant pile of confetti from afar. This must surely be one of the most colorful places in the world?

How to calibrate the focus on your Minolta Hi-Matic 7SII

After some years of use, or even from just laying around, the focusing on your rangefinder might be a little off, resulting in unsharp pictures. With only seven simple steps you can calibrate the focusing on your Minolta Hi-Matic 7SII to make it produce tack sharp photos once again. Here is how:

What is Wanderlust Photography?

According to Miriam Websters Dictionary, the definition of Wanderlust is simply “a strong desire to travel”. It comes from the German language and is spelled Wanderlust. It is a relatively new word, dating back to the beginning of this millennium. Andrew Delaney (2016), Director of Creative Content at Getty Images explains Wonderlust (sic.) Imagery as: “Images that inspires a sense of awe. They are images that are looking at connecting us with our surroundings. Images that elicit a reaction of wonder when you see them.”