Happy National Ice Cream Day!

Quite coincidentally I recently did a quick job for Hello! in Halmstad. The images will be used to help this awesome café/ice cream bar to get some well deserved recognition at Soolnua’s #worldicecreamindex. You can cast your vote here. My favourite is their Mango Gelato.

On a side note, National Ice Cream Day is one of those faux holidays that actually brings some fun to the table. At least if you live in North America, where plenty of ice cream purveyors are celebrating this day by cheerfully giving away all sorts of frozen treats to many peoples delight. Hope this tradition will be adopted by Swedish ice cream vendors soon.


My camera and lens choice for the day was the Fujifilm X-T10 paired with the XF35 f1.4 lens. Beautiful and compact combo. The editing was done in Snapseed after I had uploaded the shots to my phone via the onboard camera WiFi.

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