Burano: the brightly colored and less crowded part of the Venetian Lagoon

Only 45 minutes by boat from Venice is the picturesque and somewhat hidden gem Burano. It is an archipelago (just like Venice), consisting of four separate islands and is connected by bridges. What makes this place unique is that is absolutely cluttered with colorful houses. It could possibly be mistaken for a giant pile of confetti from afar. This must surely be one of the most colorful places in the world?

The Car Cemetery in Båstnäs

The Car Cemetery in Båstnäs is a remarkable place for many reasons. Two brothers: Rune and Tore Ivansson started this scrap yard business a long time ago. You can tell by the hundreds of cars scattered all over the place dating back from the 1930’s to the 70s. Rune, aged 76, unfortunately passed away in 2014, but the scrap yard still lives on under the supervision and management of Tore. Nowadays it is less of a scrap yard and more of an attraction, but the owner doesn’t seem to mind, as there are no fences, restrictions or signs obeying curious visitors …