About me

I am a Wanderlust and portrait photographer and image junkie from Sweden. I cannot get enough of visual stimulis and the worst part of the day is when I have to go to sleep, because that’s when I must close my eyes in order to get it right. I get inspired by vibrating cities and true characters. I also have an attraction for really remote places, where there is no cell phone coverage or people. Often this is where the true adventures waits.

My photography

I tend to do mostly portraits and travel/lifestyle photography. Analogue film intrigues me, but I tend to use digital for professional work. I operate flawlessly in a studio environment as well in ambient light. – I also like to mix it up when needed. My street pictures are mainly personal work, but if you like the style, I can make it work in a commercial project form.

Commissioned work

If you would like to buy the rights to any of my pictures, hire me as a photographer or perhaps have me holding a photography workshop, please send me an e-mail with your proposal and contact information inorder to set up an initial meeting. I can travel anywhere in the world and will gladly do so for the right opportunity.