To be featured by @BeautifulDestinations

A while a go, one of my pictures from Lofoten made its way to the limelight thanks to the massive Instagram account Beautiful Destinations, making it my most liked picture on Instagram to date, pushing this one down a peg. The account is known as the largest and most influential travel photography account on Instagram with 8.3 million followers and growing. The story on how my picture ended up in their feed is the epiphany of serendipity and proves that there is no definite way to go about to get you images published by them. Well, here is what happened in my case.

Rollei 35 One Roll Review

When I asked my father what he considered being the best compact analogue camera ever made, he suggested the Rollei 35 and Minox 35. In his spiel he put a lot of emphasis on compact and lens sharpness. After a quick search on the web I could see that he was probably on to something, as the reviews of both cameras were almost unanimously positive and I therefore figured I should give at least one of them a try at some point.