2017 – The year to dig up your old analogue camera

With year 2016 in the back I can happily conclude that to my knowledge at least six analogue films were released or resurrected. Even Hollywood did some amazing blockbuster films that were shot on analogue film – The Academy Award winning The Revenant and The Hateful Eight, being some of them. 2017 has to this date already presented us with 4 new films for 35 mm cameras: Bergger Pancro400, Ferrania’s P30 Adox Scala 160 BW and Kodak Ektachrome 100. Rumors say some new large format and medium format films are in the pipeline at various factories as well. In other words, the near future is looking bright for us analogue photography lovers!

With this collectively brave initiative from the film development industry, I want to shout out a few words. First, a big thank you to you all out there that are enjoying the analogue photography process. Please let your interest for shooting film show and do what you can to support the industry. Many of these new film developers are independent enthusiasts, such as The Japan Camera Hunter (JCH Street Pan 400) and New55 FILM. If you like what they do, let them know it. Also let the film and photography community know about your interest and inspire other photographers to give it a try. The more of us that support this film renaissance, the more film options we will get, and also keep. Hopefully several more developers will follow and even innovate to bring the industry further. With the right encouragement I am sure we will see people trying to make new films with sophisticated grain patters, higher latitude, never seen ISO values and more dynamic range.

With that said, let 2017 be the year you dust off your old analogue camera, load it with some fresh film and start using it again.

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